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Contact us about helping a saluki

This page contains a contact form for you to complete if you would like our help with a saluki.

Please complete and submit the form and we will contact you as soon as we are able.

If the situation is an emergency and requires an immediate response then please contact the relevant Welfare Warden

For the North - 07595 154541

For the South - 07858 458827

If you wish to clear the form and start again please use the 'reset' button

Contact form
Your contact details
e-mail address:
Postal address:
Telephone number:
A few questions
Are you the legal owner of the dog/s in question? (Yes/No)
If not, who is? (Name and contact details)
What is the current location of the dog(s) (Address and Post code)
If in Council accomodation, how long have they been there? (days)
What is the sex and approximate age of the dog(s)?
Is the dog(s) injured?
If so, in what way?
Do you have a photo of the dog(s) with a clear image of side on view?